Beer for Thought

Beer for Thought – Vol. 2 – Yuengling Light Lager


BREWERY:  Yuengling

BEER:  Light Lager

STYLE:  Lager

ABV:  3.2%



“An exceptional brew that appeals to the consumers who don’t want to sacrifice character for a low-calorie light beer.  Masterfully developed to maintain the full flavor profile akin to our flagship lager brand, but has only 99 calories.”



Yuengling Light Lager by the Yuengling is not something I seek out everyday.  However, after a rather intense day, I found myself walking back 1st avenue to my apartment needing to pickup some beer to kickoff the night.  I was in a mood for a variety, so I figured ‘pounders’ were the way to go.  I grabbed the full array that the local bodega had and I was on my way.  In this assortment was, alas, Yuengling Light.  I went about my evening and drank the other three or four during the SNOWMAGGEDON JONAS, but this one got buried in the snow as it fell on my balcony, and remained hidden until today.  And so here we are.

There’s an obvious distinction here – this is a Light beer…so there’s that.  I’m a huge Yuengling Lager fan – its my go to beer at bars because you can find it almost everywhere (at least everywhere I go) and its usually cheap.  AND (most importantly) its damn good.  Enough flavor to enjoy, and enough alcohol to gently ride into a comfortable ‘buzzed-at-the-bar.’  And so for me, this is the obvious first choice for a light beer (if I have to have one).  So here we go.



This beer does a good job still capturing the malty taste of Yuengling Lager, which I really applaud.  Yuengling Lager uses a mix of Cluster and Cascade hops, and I would imagine they use those here too.  The beer and aftertaste can be a bit metallic, but its a taste I rather enjoy.  A interesting note:  Yuengling Lager comes in a green bottle (slightly skunky), whereas Yuengling Light Lager only is available in a brown bottle.  Not sure why, but its interesting.

The pour is solid for a light beer – rich white head and a pleasant mouth feel.  Really not much to it.  Low ABV makes sense given its a light beer, so don’t expect too much here.  It’s not as crushable as a BMC light beer because it has a bit more flavor – maybe why it comes in 24 packs instead of 30 :).



Overall, the result is a light beer that slightly stands out when compared to the competition.  And for that, I would crown it King of the light beers, for whatever thats worth.  As far as where to buy, I’ve never seen this on tap…anywhere.  I’ve seen it at most bodegas and convenience stores, especially in the delectable (and economical!) 24oz can seen here.  I’d recommend grabbing a selection of pounders and just going at it!

RATING:  2.75 out of 5 (but 5 out of 5 for a light beer!)

68 on BeerAdvocate (POOR)

2.93 on Untappd


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