General Thoughts


After going back through our first 4 BEER FOR THOUGHTS, we’ve realized that our rating system is entirely too simplistic.  We are going to be implementing a new, 0-100 rating system that encompasses our 10 most important aspects of a beer:

   HOPS              MALTS
   BODY              COLOR
AROMA             HEAD
           STYLE          IMPRESSION

Our hopes are that this system will allow us to provide a greater insight to the beer, and provide more inherent meaning to our rating system.  Each category will be rated on a 0-10 scale, and the combined score totaled on a 0-100 scale.  Balance will address the overall balance of the beer, and its drinkability.  Flavor will address any off-flavors present in the beer.  Hops will address how appropriately the beer is hopped, while Malts will address the malt presence in the beer.  Body, Color, and Head will address the appearance of the beer, while Aroma addresses the general scent of the beer.  Style and Impression will address the adherence of the beer to its purported style, and the overall impression the beer leaves.  Overall, this rating will address and rate these aspects to highlight where a particular beer shines, and where it falls short.  We hope that this system will provide more information from our reviews, while encourage us to delve deeper into each beer we review to fully appreciate all aspects of it, from flavor to feel to finish.


DUDester fave



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