2016 Bourbon County Stout
Cellar Talk

Cellar Talk – New Additions!

Since the first batch of Bourbon County Stout by Goose Island was released in 1992, the practice of hoarding saving bottles of rare and unique beers has surely grown.  I’ve acquired quite a collection over the past few months, and want to begin documenting some of these beers.  I will try to put up a post about the beer as I get it, and then update that post once I’ve let it age a bit in the bottle and crack it open.  The first beers I’ve added to the cellar are, of course, the Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2015 and 2016.

2016 Bourbon County Stout
2016 Bourbon County Stout

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout – 2015

I’ve had this bottle for a little over a year, and the desire to open it is very very real.  The 2015 batch of the BCS caused quite a stir when a very large number of beers needed to be recalled due to contamination.  My batch (thankfully) was not listed on the recall list.  This beer comes in at 13.7% abv, which the BCS tends to hover around pretty consistently.

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout – 2016

This bottle was acquired on Black Friday 2016 – the one thing I actually stood in line early to buy.  This is the first year that the beer has been flash pasteurized, in response to the 2015 issues.  It will be interesting to see what effects this had on the ability to bottle-age and condition the beer.  This years batch comes in at 13.8 % abv.

So that’s all for this inaugural posting of Cellar Talk – stay tuned for some new beers I add to the cellar, and keep an eye out for the update when these tasty treats finally get opened!



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