Brewery Visits

Brewery Visit – Roy Pitz, The Stube

Brewery: Roy Pitz Beer Stube

Date of Visit: Saturday, February 18th

Address:  140 N Third Street, Chambersburg, PA

Beers to Try: Sour Hound sour ale, Farmer’s Maple Coffee Stout on nitro, and the Daddy Fat Sacks IPA.

Roy Pitz – Chambersburg, PA

Thoughts:  Finally getting around to talking about another stop on the Chambersburg brew tour day.  After leaving GearHouse Brewing Co., we made our way just around the corner to Roy Pitz Brewing – also known as The Stube.  The timing was perfect as we were also looking for more than the standard brewery snacks, and we were able to score a 10 person table in the restaurant area.  YES, you read that correctly – this is also a restaurant (and a quite good one at that).  The Stube is located in an old industrial style building that features a Nathan Miller Chocolate Factory and Café in house, as well as a custom built 20 barrel brew system in the basement.  It’s the complete package of a taproom, restaurant, coffee café, and brewery – SCORE!

Roy Pitz – Chambersburg, PA

This place had some of the best beer prices I’ve ever seen at a brewery – featuring huge 24oz pours of most brews for around $5.  I sampled a wide array of the tap list and was quite impressed.  One of my pet peeves is breweries not brewing a full array of styles, or not brewing true to style, and Roy Pitz nailed it.  They had a delightful selection of styles, including a Helles Lager, a Berliner Weiss, and a Smoked Beer.

Roy Pitz – The Beer Stube

My most notable tasting was the delicious Farmer’s Maple Breakfast Coffee Stout – a nice balanced, complex breakfast stout at 8% with hints of coffee and maple.  A 24oz Sour Hound paired nicely with my ridiculously delicious cheeseburger like a nice lemonade on a summer day – it was amazing and had a low enough ABV (5%) that 24oz wasn’t ridiculous. I sampled the Best Blonde Helles Lager, which was tasty and accurate to style – the Smoke Irish Prig Porter was one I wish I would’ve gotten a full pour of as it was a unique style and taste.  A final tasting of note was the nicely branded Daddy Fat Sacks IPA – a decent IPA at 6% that I enjoyed the name and description more than the beer itself:


Pale Orange in color with aromas of tropical fruit, stone fruit, grapefruit, and citrus. Four specialty malts in subtle additions leave the ale with a slightly toasted caramel flavor. Five different hop additions impart just enough bitterness without the astringent and bitter aftertaste. A mix of American flavor hops round out the floral and citrus esters. Large sacks of dank hops are then added to the conditioning vessel and aged several days to impart all the wonderful citrus and floral aromas deep into the beer.


Ahh, yes – the marvelous sacks of dank hops.

Roy Pitz – The Stube

The Area: Chambersburg is one of many smaller cities in Pennsylvania that is making a resurgence. The large network of now-vacant industrial buildings is allowing small popup operations to takeover. Within only a few miles of Roy Pitz, you can swing by GearHouse Brewing Co. and a full Nathan Miller chocolate bakery and café with great pourover coffee. There is more than enough in the area to justify a day trip – so what are you waiting for?

Nathan Miller Chocolate

Closing Thoughts:  Roy Pitz is a brewery that I’ve seen bottles of in my neck of the woods in western Maryland, so I was excited to see it so local on this brew tour day.  After spending a few hours here, I can happily say I’d recommend this to anyone in the area for a tasty meal with good beer.  The place can get a bit cramped during busy times, so I’d recommend giving a call ahead for big groups.  The brewery is underneath the Stube, but I’m unsure if they offer tours – it would be worth going back to see if so.





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