Grilled Octopus at Mussel Bar
DUDESTER'S FAVE, Field Report, gold

Field Report – #0011 – Omnipollo – Selassie

Brewery: Omnipollo

Style:  Imperial Coffee Stout

ABV:  11%

IBU:  10

Field Report Location:  Mussel Bar, Bethesda MD

Tasting Notes:  I was lucky enough to get to spend a week down in downtown Bethesda for a work-related training program. One of the nights for dinner, I wandered around for what seemed like hours trying to pick from the ridiculous number of seemingly high quality restaurants in the area. After doing a second loop, I spotted a collection of Delirium tents and ended up at Mussel Bar. They touted a high quality beer selection on their Google Map listing, and they weren’t lying. I had heard of the phantom brewery Omnipollo before, but never actually seen any of their beer to try. If the rest of the beer is this good, I’m now officially on the hunt. Selassie is a delectably dark stout with an incredible roasted coffee aroma. A hint of vanilla is apparent with a touch of malt before coffee ushers them out. This beer is one I’d like to find a bottle of to age for a year or two – truly a treat.

Omnipollo Selasie
Omnipollo Selasie
Omnipollo Selassie Imperial Stout
Omnipollo Selassie Imperial Stout

Beer Advocate:  90 (Outstanding)

Untappd: 4.05


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